Rubber Hex Dumbbells 5kg-25kg -

Rubber Hex Dumbbells 5kg-25kg


Rubber Hex Dumbbells 5kg-25kg


Rubber Hex Dumbbells have an exclusive hexagonal shape.

  • Their unique shape provides an anti-roll effect.
  • This ensures that dumbbells stay in place and do not roll in between exercises when placed on the gym floor.


Perform a large variety of gym workouts which utilise traditional barbells and free-weight movements. Rubber Hex Dumbbells are great for single-arm rows, seated shoulder press, and bench press.

Furthermore, using dumbbells as opposed to barbells can add an extra level of difficulty to the exercises. Weight must be controlled to a higher degree during dumbbell movements, which activate the body’s stabilizing musculature.

This in turn can result in increased hypertrophy and strength gains in the aforementioned musculature as a result of the increased development and strengthening of stability muscles.

Rubber Hex Dumbbells are also a brilliant addition to gym floor-based circuit training.

Dumbbell push-ups and dumbbell assisted planks because the hexagonal shape of the dumbbells provides additional stability.


Dumbbells require more balance and control during exercises compared to barbells or machines allowing for optimisation of kinaesthetic performance. As well as being an excellent fitness tool, they are tough, durable, and safe (with proper technique!)

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