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Method Physio – Large Foam Roller

Method Physio – Large Foam Roller



This Foam Roller is a high-quality foam roller that can be used for a range of exercises as well as the myofascial release of all the major muscles in the body.

Just a few minutes of rolling with this Foam Roller can help make muscles more receptive to stretching & relieve muscle soreness.

Only Available in Blue currently.

Foam rolling is a fantastic exercise, commonly used for self-muscle release. It is like a deep tissue massage for your muscles and is great for working into tight muscles that may be causing problems with joints and mobility. It is used for breaking down developed scar tissue within muscles and increasing blood into muscles.

Along with muscles, it also works into a soft tissue called fascia. Fascia is the tissue that connects your muscles together to provide support throughout your entire body. The fascia should be mobile as it is elastic and can stretch and move as one with the rest of your body. However, often due to increased exercise intensity, poor posture or movement patterns, stress, and lifestyle factors, this fascia can tighten and become stiff, restricting movement and even causing pain.

Overuse, increased exercise intensity, injury, and even inactivity can lead to muscular shortening and reduce mobility. Foam rolling with Eva Foam Rollers allows built-up scar tissue in the muscles to be broken up, at the same time increasing blood into your muscle, providing your muscles with more nutrients and more oxygen. It also eliminates the overproduction of lactic acid. This then results in your muscles feeling and performing a lot better.

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